How Insight Exchange works

It's free* to sign up and post a project. You set your brief and budget. If you need help, industry experts are on hand to guide you through the process.

Insight Exchange takes 10% on all projects 

Your project is sent to a hand-picked selection of specialists or you choose who you want to quote. 

Shortlist your specialists, connect by instant message/call, compare quotes and hire the best fit for your project all through the platform.

Payments to specialists are all managed through our secure payments platform or invoiced via a single contract, saving you time and hassle.

Insight Exchange for brands

  • Have direct and easy access to highly experienced and trusted insight specialists and boutique agencies around the world

  • Foster shared conversations to advance ideas, innovations and solutions to global consumer problems

  • De-risk decision making by confirming hypotheses and filling knowledge gaps

  • Optimise marketing budgets through real time engagement with on-demand specialists to test and iterate NPD ideas 

  • Augment internal insights teams and innovation hubs with expert advisors

  • Drive organisational efficiency and productivity through the consolidation of sourcing, contracts and payment processing into a single supplier relationship.

Insight Exchange for specialists

  • Connect and collaborate with a global community of like-minded specialists to enhance professional development and secure larger, more complex projects

  • Work independently and enjoy the freedom and flexibility this affords with the security of a project pipeline and regular payments

  • Have the opportunity to choose the projects and brands you want to work with.

  • Through economies of scale, have affordable access to a toolkit that streamlines project management, communication, data visualisation, invoicing and contracts.



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